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School buildings and infra structure

            Our school , built around 70 years back , had been functioning in old but well off buildings and other conveniences . But the demands of the modern times , the visionary ideals of the management and the whole hearted cooperation and support of the paishioners and the PTA have seen the rapid construction of new well convenienced buildings . The construction is in it's last stages . The new school buildings will surely take the school to newer heights and provide an ambience of modernity , smartness and security . 

School Library

           Being an old school , it is blessed with a varied and rich library . It has about 2636 books . It has a collection of reference books including encyclopedia and dictionaries . The library also encloses of the sections like children's fictions , Malayalam classics , poems and English children's fiction to cater to the reading tastes of all children .

Class Library

            Class library is a new set up where children bring in  their own books and build a class library . The class library books include mostly stories , novels and other such illustrated books which the students avidly read . They read these books in their ieisure hours and free periods . The class library has done a lot of good in helping the children acquire a love of books and reading and in helping them acquire vocabulary and language .

Computer Lab 

             The computer lab which had long been functioning in the school is now under renovation along with the other construction works going on in the school . It will soon reopen with better facilities to launch the children into the world of IT . 

Maths Club

               Maths club is active in the school to inspire a love of Mathematics in the children . It is also doing programmes to improve the arithmetical skill of children who are weak in Mathematics .

Science Club 

                  Science club is another active club in the school .  It conducts programmes like science exhibitions to draw the children  to science .It is also conducting programmes to help children learn science and in culcate in the a love for science . 

Nature Club 

                     The nature club of the school is busy with planting trees in the school campus , cultivating organic vegetables . The club is doing it's bit to inspire in the children a love of agriculture . It also inspires them to love trees and live in a greener , safer earth .   

Anti-drugs Club and Personality Development Club

                  The school is striving hard to steer children away from drugs by conducting awareness programmes and action programmes to stop the sale and use of drugs and tobacco products through it's anti drugs club and personality development club 

                 This year the school hoisted a masssive campaign to stop drugs and tobacco products in Changaroth and Panthirykkara area . It was a mega event involving public ,  excise department and other neighbouring schools . It was a day long programme of rally , slogan , raising fast , cultural programmes and a magic programme to raise awareness about the evils of drugs , tobacco and liquor . The students of Holy Family High School under headmaster Sri. Jacob Kochery performed a spectacular flashmob to raise awareness on this issue . 

                 This club aims to give better health and personality to the students while implanting in their hearts the seeds of ethical , healthy living .